Why should I have a blog?




Search Engine Optimization

You provide keywords in your posts that search engines are looking for. They look through the web when someone uses Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine to find the words the seeker is looking for.

Be an Authority Figure

When you write about your passions on a website, that shows your latest projects for example, you become a person that readers can trust because you are writing about your passions, showing step-by-step pictures, explaining how it’s done, how you did it, not giving every detail but enough for them to get it. Telling about your mistakes and what you learned to do better. They start to believe by reading something you’ve written that you know what you’re talking about.

Are you human? Can we bump shoulders?

While writing, add your personality into the mix. If you just write about your passions, it just that. From my own experience, I stay longer on the website’s blog posts when I see that there is a person similar to me. Someone who makes mistakes, has high and low moments, and just loves their hobby. When you’re able to get your hunger satisfied because the content is rich with examples, pictures that tie into the experience, cause/effect and lessons learned; then you know that you’ve landed in a warm and inviting environment.

Build a Community

When you start writing posts for your blog, don’t expect a large audience to appear. Keep a schedule for when you’ll release your posts. Leave the comments open and respond to those readers. You’ll start small and grow to a nice community. You want people to come, read and comment on your content. That’s what keeps them coming back and it is also a proven fact that writing a blog will eventually bring you more business. Provide an RSS feed.


Don’t write just to get business, write to connect with your customers, clients, like-minded hobbyists, or partners. Whoever you are, keep the community alive. Welcome volunteer guest bloggers but review their posts before publishing them so you know what is being promoted. People are looking, you’ll need a blog to bring them in and you’ll need a community to encourage them to stay. Even if the community is only found in the comments.


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