Work History

I pay attention to the details of my work and see a job through to completion. I’m honest, trustworthy, responsible and get along with people from all walks of life.

  • Preferred to hand-code with Panic’s Coda for Mac or other text editors so my code is readable and symantec
  • 13-yrs web design experience and HTML/CSS, UI/UX
  • 10-yrs PHP for WordPress theme design from scratch
  • 8-yrs jQuery/Javascript understanding, using it for responsive design, Google Maps API (building a map to plot points from a WordPress Custom Post Type)
  • 1-yr college training on Adobe Dreamweaver and other Adobe Creative Suite products
  • Built and managed 14 websites since 2009
  • 3-yrs landscape photography
  • 15-yrs writing blog posts for myself
  • Used for several years: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and countless others

Eugene Scott
Waxhaw NC


Filmed and produced Jesus Is My Owner book presentation in Final Cut Pro X

Web Designer, Photographer, and Videographer
Scott Griffin
Fort Mill SC


Built a website on Squarespace, took new portrait photographs, filmed and produced music video in Final Cut Pro X

JAARS Aviation
Waxhaw NC


Filmed and produced two separate aviation trainings for this non-profit organization

Videographer and Photographer
Chuck Howard
Waxhaw NC


Filmed, photographed, and produced memorial video in Final Cut Pro X

Web Developer, Local and Technical SEO
Courage Counseling
Salisbury NC

January 2017 – Present

Moved website to new host, rebuilt code with technical SEO and manually updated all outside data, create new blog posts and pages when provided complete content from owner and copy edit grammar and punctuation for web and rewrite titles and keywords for SEO optimization, and use Creative Commons featured image. Installed SSL and HTTPS/2, upgraded WordPress code, hardened security, and added custom code.

Web Developer
Red Door Church
South Royalton VT

November 2013 – Present

Built two custom themes and new logo for church website, backup weekly live Facebook videos to YouTube channel, redesigned church bulletin twice, maintain back-end, users, set up domain email accounts, and built a custom slider.

Web Developer and Email/ Server Administrator
The Mosquito Authority
Hickory NC

2013 – Present

Almost six months, a collaborative project to build a new custom responsive WordPress theme for them. They found me on LinkedIn and reached out. I met them in person halfway to Hickory and we worked together from then on to make their custom WordPress theme design that lasted until March 2017 when the site was moved to a new host with a new look. Since 2014, I’ve done more work for them in the design, a homepage redesign, custom page templates, Google Apps (now G Suite) email setup, tech support, hosting and email support, fortifying the install, installed a learning management system and worked with the original developers to have it modified for our needs. Installed SSL certificate for this site. Built a custom Google Maps map using the Javascript API v.3 and it pulled locations from a custom post type and another developer built the ZIP code locator. I also had to move their entire website between two hosting companies and I did all the footwork with the tech supports on both sides to find a good arrangement. I’ve truly enjoyed working with them. Currently managing Bugsbite G Suite and email/server tech support.

Web Developer and Backend Management
Samuel Borinsky / Psychotherapist
New York City NY

January 2018

Replaced Mapbox map on Contact page with custom-built Google Maps with Info Window for red pin to match Mapbox appearance using Google Maps API v3 and Javascript. They were not able to login to Mapbox or reach the original developer so it was a walled-garden situation and they wanted the map to look the same as the original and have new information in the info window. I built the code from scratch within three hours with some troubleshooting on CodePen temporarily. I’ve stored it privately in GitHub. Also ran backend backup and system updates to themes and plugins after recovering full admin menus that were hidden by two plugins by original developer.

Web Developer and Server Administrator
El Shaddai Ministries International, Inc.

2011 – 2017

  • Moved hosting and redesigned site for WordPress.
  • Has a similar design to the old but with more refinement.
  • Using HTML5/CSS3 for WordPress Theme.
  • My first implementation of an SSL certificate
  • Google Maps API, PHP, Custom Post Types
  • Upgraded CentOS WHM server from v5 to v6
  • Re-installed PHP and other elements through SSH in terminal, upgraded to PHP 7
  • Troubleshooted and removed a broken plugin that brought the site down
  • Upgraded old plugins with newer alternatives compatible with PHP 7

Web Developer
USA Mist
Hickory NC


The Mosquito Authority bought a company whose Joomla site was hacked, which I discovered while I was moving it across servers. It was a complicated mess, even for me, to figure out how to upgrade it. I recreated the responsive theme for WordPress and it had to be a private ecommerce site, so I installed WooCommerce and configured the site to be private when their users wanted to purchase products. Installed SSL certificate for this site.

Web Developer
Sweet Needle Company
Charlotte NC


They contacted me via email saying they had mobile issues with the homepage loading. I troubleshooted and fixed their site. Also installed the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin and a few coupons for them. They were pleased with my work.

Web Developer
Winston-Salem Writers
Winston-Salem NC

2013 – 2015

  • Moved hosting of WordPress site
  • Updated email addresses
  • Tweaked pages
  • Continued to provide monthly technical helps and design custom front-end layouts with PHP/HTML/CSS
  • Occasionally add rich content to Facebook Fan Page to encourage discussions and point traffic to website
  • Created YouTube channel for their Open Mic Nights event.
  • They’ve since moved to Wix.

Web Developer
True Blue Carpet Cleaning
Indian Trail NC


Matt Schmidt, of Indian Trail, North Carolina, started True Blue Carpet Cleaning and needed a website redesign. A professional business site that he could update as he needed.

From a designer’s perspective, we chose blues and cream to match his business logo and line of work. jQuery is used for the drop-down form at the top. There are review links to both the business’ Yelp and Google Places review pages. Social links to a Facebook Fan page, Twitter and an RSS feed for the blog which is hidden until there are more posts written.

During the design process, I drew out the theme on a grid and colored it. In about three weeks time, the design was done. The longest time taken, was the transfer of the domain name to my client’s account. This was another design opportunity for me to actually take my wire frames into Adobe Photoshop and build out the home page layout. In the end, CSS was used to set some of the gradients and background colors.

Production Designer
Saint Dwayne Associates
Charlotte NC


This was a three-month internship as a Production Designer under Dwayne Cogdill. I modified letterheads, mailers, envelopes and business cards. Cut logo mounting boards from Super Black Matte. Learned logo design techniques by using various typographic fonts.

Web Developer
Buddy Boy Candy
Indian Trail NC


  • WordPress design with HTML5/CSS3 for more current web browsers
  • Twenty-Eleven customization for 1940s Retro art design
  • Responsive Web Design for iPhone / iPad / Desktop
  • Four days of research to study 1940s art and how-to’s
  • One week to discover concept of design and meld together research and sketches

Web Developer
Warriors and Warbirds, Inc.
Monroe NC


Worked on the second WordPress version of the airshow website theme. Improved on the old design.

Web Designer
Claudia’s Crescent Kick movie
Cambridge MA


Google Sites and Google Analytics

Web Developer
Bible Science Books for Children
Waxhaw NC


Complete redesign using WordPress, Google Analytics, XHTML/CSS, Photoshop, Video, PHP, jQuery

Web Developer and Ticket Sales Customer Service
Lynchburg Regional Airshow
Lynchburg VA

2010 – 2011

  • Web Design, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Apps, XHTML/CSS, Social, Photoshop
  • Website design and management
  • EventBrite ticket sales customer service management

Web Developer
Union County Patriots
Wesley Chapel NC


Web Design, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, Coda, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Google Groups

Web Developer
Transformation Media Trust


Web Design, Flash Banner, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, Coda, Google Analytics, Flash

Web Developer and Email Administrator
Warriors and Warbirds, Inc.
Monroe NC


  • Web Design, Graphics, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, Coda, Google Analytics, Google Non-Profit Apps, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Built their first website from scratch using WordPress and created several graphics to accompany the design.

Graphic Designer
City of Monroe
Monroe NC


  • Music on Main poster
  • Photoshop, InDesign (CS4) 

Graphic and Web Designer
Creative Touch Communications
Waxhaw NC


  • Forms (Print Design), InDesign, Quark Xpress, Photoshop
  • Community Church of Monroe‘s website set up with


  • Video recording/ editing
  • Mobile Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • creative blogging
  • Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram
  • French and English languages
  • Google Apps (now G Suite) setup transfer and troubleshooting for 11+ companies
  • Adobe CS4 Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Reader Pro
  • Microsoft Office, Apple iWork
  • graphic design, print design, web design
  • WordPress custom themes, setup and hosting
  • Google Maps Javascript API
  • Google web research
  • web boilerplates, 960gs
  • WordPress setup and hosting
  • WordPress PHP functions and simple plugins
  • Google Analytics basic setup
  • email newsletter design
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Quark Xpress 6-8.5, Google SketchUp, Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft XP Professional, CISCO CCNA 1 – 4 networks, A+ training and on-the-job learning
  • MailChimp, Constant Contact
  • Ubuntu Linux (6.04-16), Windows (3.1-10), macOS (10.2.8-present), computer tech desktop support, Android, iOS
  • Landscape and portrait photography