Waxhaw WordPress Theme Designer – Waxhaw NC

Hi, I’m Daniel Brinneman and I’ve been designing websites with 11 years of experience. I’m a web designer from Waxhaw, North Carolina and I build WordPress themes. I started in technology, first in computers. My journey started with a large cathode-ray tube monitor, those big plastic and glass monitors that were heavy. And I also had a 486 Desktop computer with 512 MB RAM, a 40GB hard drive and that beautiful black DOS screen. This was before the internet was available in my neighborhood and it came as 14.4K baud on a loud, external modem that connected over a telephone line, way before AOL, Juno, Netzero and cable internet.

From those times, I’ve learned to design websites that are simple, fast and have good graphic design practices. I started my web design journey with static HTML sites and eventually learned CSS for styling. Now, I use WordPress as the base operating platform, which I build the theme or ‘look’ of the website on and allow you to manage your own web site.

Please visit my home page to see how I can help get you create your own website.