I just finished working on this website [on January 26, 2013]. This was a new job, by word of mouth, for this month of January. I had helped another person move his WordPress site of ~961 posts , ~543 comments and I had to split the database into three parts to import it. That job took about five days to complete. He must have been impressed and suggested this job to me.

I moved this writing site to a new host and the domain name also. Then I had to go back and check all the links. The hardest part which made me have to restart halfway because of a glitch in the database, was the uploads folder. I had to go from the year/month settings to none (make it easier for the next guy) and then I had to figure out how to have the Media Library discover the uploads. So setting them all to be in the uploads folder and then uploading all the files through the Media Library solved that issue. Then I used the Broken Links plugin to go through all the posts and do a Find and Replace multiple times to fix the image links. That took a lot of time.

In addition to the move, I modified Ben Cotten's theme with a few subtle design changes. In the sidebar, I moved the position of the more >> link to ride below the section of text and before the gray line. It was widowing parts of itself which in the ‘laws’ of writing is not good. Below the Upcoming Events section in the WSW Friends section, I removed the square bullet that appeared because it was a unordered list and it didn't look good next to the images. Last in the sidebar, a Facebook icon was linked permanently to their Fan Page. On the Upcoming Events category page and single post category pages, I added the featured image that was found in the sidebar. It is aligned left and the text wraps. Along with moving the site, I had to move several email accounts.

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It's now July 21, 2014 and I've made many more changes to the website. They are user interface (UI) adjustments to change the layout of the content.

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