I take RAW pictures then offload them to my computer with the Play Memories software. Folders by date (YYYY-MM-DD) get created in my Pictures folder. I’ll close that program.

I open Sony’s Capture One, import the folders, look through them and delete those not shot well or are out of focus. Most of the time, I will stop here because the pictures don’t need further processing. If it looks the same as what I saw, then I leave it alone. Very rarely do I need to crop the photo or touch it up. I am shooting landscapes and sunsets.

On location, I use one eye to see what’s around me in the light and the other in the viewfinder to compare the two so they match. On not so excellent days, I shoot underexposed by about two F-stops so that I can pull out more details during post-processing.

Before or during the export, I come up with a name consisting of at least two words. Some photos take a couple of days to discover a suitable name.



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