Yellow-orange sky

I’m borrowing a Fujifilm X100S camera for the week to see if I like it. I want to try Fuji film simulation recipes on it and understand if I like that process. Here’s a few photos from the sky this evening without any adjustments. I had stepped outside with my smartphone to catch the light before it shifted but that phone’s camera didn’t even see the orange in the sky and only showed purple shades. I went back inside to look for my Sony and remembered I had this Fuji camera to try out. I liked touching the physical buttons to adjust the aperture and shutter speed.




2 responses to “Yellow-orange sky”

  1. Donald Sanchez Avatar

    Hey Daniel! Nice images. In some ways, the top two photos remind me of the California fires. Any thoughts thus far on the Fuji?

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      After two weeks and using it for two events, I like the quick ND filter application and the external buttons for shutter and exposure control.

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